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Bra Fitting Advice and bra fittings in and around Preston and central Lancashire.

I’m Sarah Dewhurst, Preston Bra Lady. I have a passion for bras and educating women about bra fitting.
Having struggled myself over the years and now having two teenage daughters I realise how important wearing a good fitting bra is and how difficult it is to find one. This is why I trained to be a Bra Lady so I could support others get comfortable in the comfort of your own home.
I offer a home bra fitting service across Preston and central Lancashire, including Kirkham, Lytham, Garstang, Leyland and Chorley.
I offer a range of wired,non wired,teen,sports,maternity and nursing bras from a range of stockists including Gossard, Royce, Anita, Bravado and Hotmilk.
If you would like further information or to make an appointment please get in touch with me.

We all know that bras fit differently, but why? I’m here to advise you & help you find the right style for you for life. 

anita lupina underwired bra anita lupina underwired bra
Anita Active Momentum Sports Bra Anita Active Momentum Sports Bra
cake sugar candy fuller figure nursing bra cake sugar candy fuller figure nursing bra
hotmilk show off nursing bra hotmilk show off nursing bra

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March 22, 2019 6:18am
"In recent research by Tu, half the women said they were too embarrassed for help." #BraHealth #BraSize #Brafitting BraLadyUK photo
March 21, 2019 6:17am
"You just haven't learnt how to fit the bras on yourself and how to check them for comfort and support." #Supportivebras #Comfortablebras #Bratalk BraLadyUK photo
March 15, 2019 6:19am
"We're not taught how to wear a bra when our breasts start to develop, so we don't know what to look for, or how they should fit to help our breasts and bodies be as supported and healthy as possible" #BraHealth #BraSize #Brafitting BraLadyUK photo
March 14, 2019 6:17am
"Our Bra Lady bra fitting team offer a home bra fitting service to help you get the right bra style and size for you, which is comfortable AND supportive 🙂" #Supportivebras #Comfortablebras #Bratalk BraLadyUK photo

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